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memoirs of an invisible temp

I came in this morning reluctantly, nearly being knocked off my ass by the unknown funk from the employee fridge. Perhaps a relative of Jeffrey Dahmer works here and brought their own "head cheese". What really pissed me off more than I should've allowed it to was when I was speaking with Telisa -one of the only people in this damn office that hasn't treated me like I'm car-jacking their job- and Daneen (the condescending clerk I mentioned before)goes past. I say hello to her when coming over to ask my supervisor a question and she doesn't say anything other than "excuse me" as she squeezes past to retrieve something. I'm not asking her to reach in her handbag and fire off a 21 gun salute into the ceiling tiles; just a freakin' good morning would suffice. Overall, my opinion of her has slid down a greased hill merely days after meeting her into the Valley of Indifference. I've done nothing to this woman, and she acts like I stole Harry Potter's invisibility cloak -which is rediculous since I left it in the glove compartment! Telisa and I had spoken about this overall ambience here last week and everything she mentioned is happening word for word. It's so much like 7th grade all over again, I'm surprised someone hasn't written shit about me on one of the bathroom stalls.

Or have they?
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