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Hell's Time Card

For Temps Who've Considered Career Suicide When The Paycheck's Not Enough...

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I discovered yet another letter from unemployment for a phone interview because of Kelly Services stating a 'job refusal'.At best my co-existence with them could be best described as a dysfunctional relationship, making me feel like I might as well be on a corner somewhere in clear heels and a knockoff Fendi purse. This is becoming a very disturbing trend that a part of me would love to solve with some household items, a copy of the Anarchist's Cookbook, and a little Tyler Durden/Project Mayhem-esque ambiance. But,instead of adding a jail sentence to my playbill of drama (and I've watched way too many episodes of OZ), I've decided to create a community on behalf of all the current/former temps on LJ that loathe their employers the same as I do. Be you with Kelly Services, Manpower, or Staffbuilders, join the revolt and describe what it feels like to work fwith people that barely want you using the same restroom as them. The usual rules apply, of course: respect others, no flamming unless you're on fire, leave the spam key at home, and don't be an asshole.